Dr. Conrad Sichler did his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry at the University of Manitoba.  The most important thing that he learned then and there was how wondrously complex the natural world truly is, and how little we truly understand about it at the microscopic level.  He then went on to study medicine at McGill University in Montreal, and was most inspired by Dr. Balfour Mount's practical teaching of spirituality and caring in medicine in his discipline of palliative care, and Dr. Lawrence Kirmayer's teachings of mind-body medicine and cross-cultural respect and communication.  After a year off spent working in community organizations and recording an album of original music, Dr. Sichler went to Queens University in Kingston for his family medicine residency, where he met a talented addictions medicine physician who he would study with for almost three years after graduating.  At the same time, he began his studies in energy medicine after meeting a renowned energy healer at Dr. Andrew Weil's Program in Integrative Medicine in Arizona while he was on a one-month elective.  He moved to Burlington, Ontario, to join an integrative medicine clinic, and now works in private practice under the banner of Sweet Medicine Integrative Health Centre.

At the same time as Dr. Sichler was learning medicine and focusing his practice on addictions medicine and psychotherapy, he was also meeting and studying with a number of indigenous elders and teachers.  He has been a student of the Medicine Wheels for more than a decade, and incorporates these teachings when and where he can in his clinical practice.

In some of his spare time, Dr. Sichler writes and performs music under the name riot nrrd.  Click here to listen!