About Sweet Medicine


Dr. Conrad Sichler continues to have a small family practice in Burlington, Ontario, and spends most of his time doing psychotherapy with people who suffer from addictive disorders and trauma.  Since 2012 he has worked with health care providers who are in addiction recovery, and he facilitates a group therapy for this population.  He also facilitates a group therapy for people suffering from sexual addiction.  He also does energy medicine with some clients.

Although Dr. Sichler's practice is full to overflowing, he can see occasional patients by referral.  He anticipates having an associate join him by early 2017 who will cut down on wait times.

Why The Name, Sweet Medicine?


The name for the Centre came to me in meditation by one of my favourite trees.

While Sweet Medicine has many meanings, including ones that are embedded in the cultural practices of the Cheyenne Nation in and around Montana, the meaning that most applies to the Centre is a more general one. 

Within some indigenous teachings, 'medicine' can mean a feeling, a teaching, or an inspiration, as well as a physical substance that can help the body.  When two people share an experience in a therapeutic context that is respectful and beautiful, it can feel sweet.  Although such experiences cannot be forced, I do my best to be attentive to such moments of sweet medicine when they occur. 

It is truly a wonderful thing to be present when a slumbering part of a patient's potential awakens, and I appreciate these moments very much.

- Dr. Conrad Sichler