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Welcome to the website of Dr. Conrad Sichler, family physician, GP-psychotherapist, addiction medicine physician, mindfulness teacher, hypnotist, Sundancer, Medicine Wheel teacher,  and practitioner of integrative medicine. This site is full of curated resources and original content developed by Dr. Sichler. Begin your healing process today by exploring more of Dr. Conrad’s cutting-edge work in Mindfulness, the Medicine Wheels, and the Nature and Health.


All healing processes begin with a greater awareness and knowledge of yourself.  Explore our eight-week mindfulness programs, as well as audio guides, downloads, and original articles. 


For almost 20 years,  Dr. Sichler has been teaching patients how to improve their health and well-being both within and beyondconventional medicine. He taps into and explores conscious and non-conscious psychological processes, cultural patterns of domination and inequality, mindfulness, the natural world, and the totality of our health.  Visit our blog and browse original articles and curated commentary on advanced topics to help support your healing journey.

Nature and Health

Dr. Conrad Sichler is a leading figure on the intersection of nature, natural healing, and modern medicine. Explore Dr. Sichler's talks and resources on the topic. 

Medicine Wheels

Dr. Conrad Sichler has been privileged have received teachings of Medicine Wheels whose lineage may extend as far back as 38,000 years.  These Wheels are mirrors to ourselves and Creation that teach about balance and relationship within us and around us.  In this section of the site, Dr. Sichler shares some of what he has learned through his study of the Wheels.