Mindfulness can, in some ways, be quite intellectually simple.  It can also be rather challenging to do.

Here is one definition of mindfulness: Be here now, and notice what is here.  By noticing what is here, you yourself are here.

Simple, right?  But where is here?  Well, it could be in your body, your mind, your emotions, or your spirit.  Or your true self.  It could be absorbed by your senses, or in a piece of art.  It could be deeply taking in your food or your beverages, or the presence of another being.  Here is not somewhere else.

And when is now?  Well, it isn’t then, that’s for sure.  It also isn’t in the past or the future.  By noticing what is here, you can develop an ability to consciously choose what to do with and in the present moment. 

Our brains are wonderful facets of Creation, organs that may have more connections between cells than there are stars in the galaxy.  These brains, inhabited by our minds, can think of the most distant planets, or remote history, or the most impossibly unlikely disasters of tomorrow.  But minds that jump around willy-nilly, down endless tracks that other people created in them, are untrained.  Buddhist meditation instructors teach that there is nothing more damaging than an untrained mind.

Luckily, there is training for not only our minds, but also our hearts, our bodies, and our true selves.  When you train your mind to be present, you can cultivate a powerful presence in which many interesting and valuable doors can begin to open for you.  The presence can be an unbelievably valuable companion throughout all of the days of your life. 

In-Person Training


Sweet Medicine offers this training.  Dr. Conrad Sichler teaches mindfulness in ways that also pay attention to heart-fulness, body-fulness, and spirit-fulness.  The program is based on John Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), but also adds techniques such as qi gong, guided visualization, and meditations based on compassion and the discovery of identity.  The program is continually in evolution, and will continue to grow over time.

Sweet Medicine offers three blocks of six weeks of mindfulness training per year, one each in the spring, winter, and fall.  In 2016, we revamped our offerings to include shorter blocks of beginner, intermediate, and graduate level sessions that are shorter in length and aim to impart and teach techniques that you can quickly master and utilize on a daily basis.

Sessions are held in Burlington, Ontario on Sunday evenings, and are covered by OHIP.

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