A Bit of Nature Each Day Keeps the Doctor Away

In this article I share a few more details about how I integrate Nature Prescriptions into my clinical practice. 

I gave my interview in the beautiful Dundas EcoPark

I gave my interview in the beautiful Dundas EcoPark

In it, I share: 

“I try to see conventional medicine as a tool” explains Dr. Sichler. “Another tool is walking in the woods, another is group therapy, meditation, hypnosis, and imagination”. Dr. Sichler tries to strike a balance between these different medical tools when working with patients.

Dr. Sichler sees people as more than just a bunch of anatomy. He sees people as social, psychological, and spiritual beings. The social and spiritual parts, “in the broadest sense are that of nature,” says Dr. Sichler.  Dr. Sichler’s convictions are consistent with the prolific Buddhist scholar, Joanna Macy, who has argued persuasively in her writings that open spaces are vitally important for our spiritual growth and the raising of mankind’s collective consciousness.

“We often think of nature and health when something bad happens…like a natural disaster… but if it weren’t for the plants around us we wouldn’t be able to breath” says Dr. Sichler. “So obviously clean water, healthy food, and some contact with nature are pivotal to someone’s health. We can’t separate them.”

Folks who don’t think they have a deep connection with the earth can also benefit. Dr. Sichler says, “someone doesn’t have to have a certain philosophy to benefit from nature because our connection to the earth is so long standing that it is beyond any set of beliefs.”

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